outside of Sacred Heart Church
stained glass
3 stained glass windows

We are a welcoming and caring community dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus,
helping each other discover who God is calling us to be.

     THE LIGHT SHINES Today the Lord Jesus is revealed to all the nations as a babe in arms – powerful and glorious in his weakness. What a paradox! With their gold, frankincense and myrrh, the magi paid him respect, honour and praise. They found him by following a star and returned home by a detour to avoid local authorities. Jesus (God-Saves) is the Christ, the Messiah, whose work defies time and space to shine before all. Today we bask in his divine light. What mystery!
The Epiphany of the Lord.  Year C.  Illustration © 2000 K. Sullivan.  Text, Phillips J. Sandstrom, STD © 2000 Oregon Catholic Press.  All rights reserved. 
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