• Liturgy of the Hours: The office of prayers for priests and religious. Lay people are also encouraged to pray the Divine Office.
  • Summa Theologica: This is St. Thomas Aquinas’ best-known work. As the title indicates, the Summa is a “summing up” of all that can be known about Christian theology.
  • Apostolic and Early Church Fathers: a collection of the writings dated between 100AD to 700AD which illustrate the development of the catholic faith since the death of the Apostles.
  • Vatican II documents: the sixteen documents of the Second Vatican Council, which is considered the most significant event in Catholicism in the 20th century.
  • Papal Encyclicals: a collection of papal encyclicals from Pope Honorious III in 1216 to the present.
  • Code of Canon Law: The Code includes all the body of laws and regulations for the government of the Catholic Church and her members.
  • Catholic Saints 2: another in-depth consideration of the Church’s numerous saints.